This Actually Happens In Homes Just Like Your's

           The following is an excerpt from Bob Heath's book Reaching A New Generation of Kids for Christ:

“Mom! Dad! Wake up!” These words boom out of your child’s mouth as he races into your bedroom.

“Please get up!” Your son gently nudges your side and pushes into your arm.  “You’ve got to get me to school early today!”

Your eyelids slowly open and your eyes start to focus. You’re shocked with what you see first. Your son is already dressed for school and is even holding your car keys!

“It’s Kids for Christ day,” he says emphatically. “And I don’t want to miss it!”

Does such a scene sound impossible? I’ve lived the normal reality with sleepy-headed children who refuse to get dressed for school. I’ve fought the endless morning battles just to get a child out of bed and ready for the day. I know how ridiculous this may sound to you, yet I also know after talking to hundreds of parents that a scene just like this one happens all across America as kids prepare to attend their weekly Bible Club meeting.

I’ve also heard a related scenario: kids begging parents to let them stay at school late in order to attend a weekly after-school Bible Club program.

Perhaps you too will hear stories just like this as you begin your own Bible Club. But before you print up your flyers and set up your weekly schedule, it’s probably wise to start with a solid foundation that will prepare you for what you’re going to encounter. This book was written in order to help equip you with the knowledge, skills and insight needed to run an effective Bible Club in an American Public School.

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In Light of Friday's Tragedy

Many years ago when I was new in ministry I was a kids’ minister in a local church.  That church was pioneered by a Pastor who had been there 14 years.  Many of the families whose children were in my "children's church" had been there from the beginning.  Suddenly, that pastor resigned and re-located to a church on the other end of town.  It was a truly tumultuous time for that little church.  Until that time I had only taught from curriculum, but when he left I felt as though God was directing me to address the situation with the kids by not acting as though nothing had happened.  I felt I was to take their suggestions on what I should teach for a while and I did.  It was amazing the things God allowed us to cover as a result. 

This month I feel somewhat the same.  I was preparing a story about a young lady who had grown up in and around Kids for Christ and I will share it at a later date.  However after the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, I like many of you got a bit of a reality check.  

For the last year and a half I have been nice and respectful of the state of the economy and its impact on the donations to this ministry.  After I realized we were "off" like many ministries I prayed and felt led to go back being "bi-vocational" to take care of my family.  God has truly blessed that effort.  I began to pour myself into my residential window cleaning business as well as Kids for Christ USA.  In fact I went from speaking in 6-9 schools a week last year to 2-3 this year.  The volunteers of this ministry in the Tulsa area have been amazing and God has truly been blessing this effort.  In hindsight, I probably should have made this shift sooner.  I felt I had been led to be "full-time" in KFCUSA for several years. I may have "missed it", but I missed it trying to follow the Spirit of God, so there was a certain level of grace in my mistake.

That said, I have been feeling for some time that I should be doing more to expand KFCUSA, but because I have been so busy with my residential window cleaning business and the oversight of KFCUSA, I have neglected that leading.  In light of yesterday, I can ignore that nudge no more! Please understand I don't at this time feel God directing me to abandon my business, but I don't think I am supposed to continue exactly as I have been.  I feel led that I am to begin "rebuilding the monthly support base back up" so that I can begin to spend the necessary time needed to expand the vision I was given nearly 12 years ago.  I can no longer let sensitivity to a weak economy supersede God's ability to provide.

I am "re-committed" to "Reaching a New Generation of Kids for Christ" and I am asking you to join me by becoming a monthly supporter or a "one time" donor to this ministry. We have preset buttons on the website from $3-$250 a month (Other amounts can be created upon request).  It's time to join together and use every available means to reach kids in America's schools with the love of God! I need to be able to administrate, travel, and develop virtual programs and leaders to reach the kids and youth of our Nation! 

The cause is great and after yesterday it is quite evident!! I am convinced that God's love in action, NOT religion, but love will bring change. I am fired up and ready to see clubs launch in schools all across the land during the second semester of this school year.  Please be sure to join our Facebook page for short regular update. 

In His Service,

Bob Heath