9.8-10.11--Kids for Christ Pahokee Elementary, Pahokee, FL--Reaching a New Generation, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.--561.983.3208

5.14.11--Comunidad Believers, 6 p.m.--Pastor Victor Cruz--4705 S. Memorial, Tulsa, OK

5.7.11--Night of Worship and Prayer for Our Schools, Student led worship and prayer sponsored by KFCUSA and Saturday Night Jesus Revolution--Camp Loughridge-Tulsa, OK 7-9PM

4.10.11--The Link Church--Tulsa, OK--10 a.m.--Pastor Greg Aery--41st & Sheridan

4.09.11--Vision of Faith Church, Tulsa, OK--Youth Conference--1p.m.--8730 S. Lynn Lane, Broken Arrow, OK

3.20.11--E3 Scottsdale--Video interview w/ Pastor Brad Larson

1.16.11--Video Shoot--6PM--12816 S. Memorial Dr, Bixby, OK--Sign on Window reads "Jesus Revolution"

1.12.11--Darnaby Elementary--8 AM--Tulsa, OK 

8.31.10--Guest on Trinity Broadcasting Network--Praise The Lord--10PM EDT

6.22,24.10--Camp Loughridge--Tulsa, OK 2:30-4:30--Chapel Service

6.6-8.10--Operation Transformation and various other churches and organizations from the Tampa and Lakeland, FL area.


**Bob can usually be found ministering to children in 7-9 Tulsa area schools each week of the school year.

Bob is available to minister to your school group or congregation live or via live stream over the internet. To book a date please use the "contact us" area of the site.