CEAI Prayer Alert 10.26.09


We asking for your prayer support regarding an upcoming hearing CEAI is involved in.

Last fall, John Freshwater, a 24 year veteran teacher with a positive evaluation history, was suspended. After a student claimed injury from a district endorsed experiment that he and other science teachers have done for years, the district failed to support him. The student filed a lawsuit claiming he had been branded with a cross and the district responded by releasing Mr. Freshwater. 

His conflict with administrators seemed to start earlier when he was ordered to remove his personal Bible from his desk which initiated negative publicity for the district in the community and beyond.

Pray that the Peace of the Lord be evident in the hearing as I testify and that Truth as the Lord sees it prevails. Cover John Freshwater and his family in prayer as he continues to fight for justice and that all his needs are met during this period of forced unemployment.

Finn Laursen

Finn Laursen
Christian Educators Association International 
Executive Director



Prayer Needs of Students and Our Partners

10/24/09--Thanks to all of you who stood with the Chatman family for Trinity's health.  They were so blessed by the abundence of prayers and the people who came to visit and feed them at the hospital.  

Trinity was released Saturday evening, she and the rest of the family are thrilled to be at home.   

10.21.09--Thank all of you for praying for Trinity and the Chatman family these past few day. improvement in the situation is that the Dr's have diagnosed Trinity as Salmonella the source is at this time unknown. The doctors say they have not seen a case this severe in a "little one".   Tuesday night she was vomiting up blood all evening. 

I am heading up to the hospital shortly to visit and pray, I will give you any new news afterwards.  

10.18.09--Trinity still has not been diagnosed.  In an effort to help her sleep they gave her velum last night.  She was hallucinating and vomiting all night and this morning.  

I (Bob Heath) went up to see her this afternoon about 2:30.  When I arrived I found a little girl in a big hospital bed.  She was lying very still and quiet. After greeting her Mom (Tracy--who I might add hasn't left the hospital since Thursday evening.) I knelt down to visit with Trinity.  She allowed me to pray for her, then in about 3 minutes she sat up and vomited.

Shortly after she became really very chatty and in fact, down right chipper.  Her mom informed me that she hadn't seen Trinity smile since Thursday.  I am believing God that what I witnessed was the beginning of the manifestation of her healing.  Please keep praying!

10.17.09--Trinity Chatman--At St. Francis Children's Hospital in Tulsa-Abdominal cramp and head pain.  Thus far doctors have been unable to determine cause.  There are other extreme situations in the Chatman family please hold Trinity and her family up in prayer.  Trinity's mother is the Parent Sponsor in the school Bob Heath began Kids for Christ USA in back in 2001.


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KFCUSA Prayer Needs

In a ministry like this one we need constant prayer covering.  We need you to stand with us in these areas all the time in order to succeed: Health, Protection, Creativity, Funding, Wisdom, Favor, Parent/Student Sponsors, Ministry Teams, Teacher Sponsors Students, etc.