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9th Annual Night of Worship 

This is the 9th year of what has become know as “Night of Worship”. This event is open to students from schools all over the city. The first couple of years we had over 100 students from multiple schools. Asbury’s “Venue” building will be our 5th different location in the nine years. The worship team are students and they pretty much lead the night. 

Every year is significantly different, probably because the student leaders have different styles of leadership. This year the Lead Student (Nathan Schmidt) has placed a high priority on prayer all year. So it is logical that in light of the potential teacher walk out he expressed a desire to invite teachers to come so that we (the Students) can pray over them. Nathan, the team want prayer (specifically over the teachers) to be as high of a priority this year as Worship. Our hearts desire is to have as many teachers in attendance as possible. Students wanting to pray over their teachers in light of the pending walk-out is significant! 

So tonight (Sat 3/31/2018) at 7 pm FUSE the campus Bible club at Union High School (associated with Kids for Christ USA) will be hosting the 9th annual “Night of Worship”. (A night of student led worship and prayer.) The students want to pray over as many teachers as possible across this city.

Area teachers please consider this an official invitation to all Teachers to come to Asbury’s Venue 68 at 71st and Mingo (Next door to Guitar Center) and join with Students in prayer over this situation. Let’s defeat the spirit of division that is trying to divide our state. PRAYER IS THE ANSWER!!

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