Megan: The Picture of a Worshipper 

About two years ago I walked into one of the high school clubs we assist and was taken back by the whole hearted worship of this one girl. Her voice and the passion were astounding to me.  I told one of the two young men leading that group that whoever she is she needs to be helping with worship. Over time Megan has become one of our student leaders.  Megan is a girl with a heart for God and it is evident. I asked her to share what this ministry means to her, the following are her words and honestly, I had never heard this before.

"When I was in elementary school, one of the biggest godly influences in my life was Kids for Christ in my school. I grew up in church, but looking back I can see certain things in KFC that I didn't see in regular church. There are lessons we learned that still stick with me today. It had a huge impact on me that I can recognize now that I look back. I wouldn't say that I really knew Christ for real at that point in my life, but KFC was instrumental in planting the initial seeds of my faith.

When I came to really know the Lord in 7th grade, my entire life changed. I actually had just moved from one district to another, so it took me a while to realize that KFC was at Union. When I finally got connected to FUSE in eighth grade, I loved it. I love how you're around all these people who LOVE Jesus. It gives you this amazing sense of fellowship and inspires you to live for God with a passion. One of my favorite parts is the worship. It's just sooo real and genuine. I find myself looking forward to Fridays even more than Sundays sometimes, because it's the church gathering together and being completely real with each other. It gives me a feeling of unity, because we aren't divided on denomination or doctrine- we're just focused on worshipping Jesus. It has been SUCH a blessing in my life". 

I feel like I am sharing Megan's story a year too early since she is a junior this year, but I just couldn't wait. I have ministered to thousands of kids through the years, literally thousands: Megan has one of the purest hearts and personifies what it means to live a lifestyle of worship.--Bob Heath


Kaitlyn's Story: From Child to Student Leader

This year I have been blessed by the amazing work the KFCUSA team members have been doing, especially here in Tulsa.  They have really stepped up and done an amazing job of allowing me to be more of an administrator than in years past. Last year I was speaking in 7-9 schools weekly as well as meeting with a group of junior high and high school student leaders.  This year with their help I have been "doing" 1-2 clubs a week and meeting with that same group of student leaders.  I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing it to have enough help that I can focus on administrating and expanding KFCUSA.

One of our student leaders, a Jr. named Kaitlyn.  She has been with us since she was in about fourth grade. She has always shown the two most important character traits I like to see in a leader: Humility and compassion.  I love sharing stories from the high school kids with you because these are the kids who have grown up in KFCUSA and to some degree you are getting to see the "fruit" of your support in their lives. 

They had a special event in their club and I asked Kaitlyn to share about it from her perspective.  The following is what she wrote. 

"These past three years I have had the absolutely amazing and humbling experience to be a FUSE student leader.  I have learned so much about what it really means to be a leader and to lead by example.  Also, I have learned the importance of being prepared! At FUSE this week, we planned for and advertised a “Special Event.”

The event this morning, consisted of stations set up around the classroom we use every Friday. Just like every Friday, we moved all the desks out of the classroom and lined them up along the wall outside the room we meet in.  Then, we really got to work.  One station was a table with broken bread and cups of grape juice, in other words communion.  Another was a cross in a corner, with a box for prayer requests and a stack for confessions (which we promptly threw out), still another was an iPod on a dock playing worship music.  Our last two stations consisted of one that just had a stack of Bibles for people to read, and take if they needed and then one was tables with paper and colored pencils where people could just draw whatever they wanted.  At each of these stations was a list of verses, which we wrote Monday night, explaining why or in some cases how to do the things at each of the stations.

At first, I was a little worried about how many people would come, because it was the day after the State championship, held in Stillwater, and about how people would react.  Soon, all my fears were laid to rest.  The first person that got there ended up walking into a room empty of people and heading straight for the cross and just laying down in front of the cross on his face. It was a beautiful sight. Then, more and more people came in and the atmosphere still remained incredibly reverent.  Everyone in that room knew God was there and He was acting.  After FUSE, I even got a text message from a girl who had this to say, “Recently I have just put my relationship with the Lord to the side. It didn’t seem that important to me… but taking that 20 minutes just to actually read my Bible and pray really reminded me of beautiful He is and how important this relationship is to me.” The realization that, through God, as FUSE leaders we got to impact someone’s life for the better, was so humbling, and so wonderful.  God is so good, and is doing AMAZING things in our school.  The time is now.  Prayer is needed".--Kaitlyn

I don't know about you, but that blew me away. I found myself blubbering like a little girl at the way God is moving not just in Kaitlyn, but in general through KFCUSA in America's public schools. When I say "Together we're reaching a new generation of kids for Christ" I am including you, our supporters. Thank you for the long term impact we are having on these kids.

In His Service, 

Bob Heath