About CEAI and the Relationship With KFCUSA

Several years ago I became connected with Christian Educators Association International. (CEAI) Right off the bat it was a wonderful working relationship with Kids for Christ USA.  They have been a great source of information -- legal and otherwise.  

The Executive Director, Finn Laursen, advised me on numerous situations, endorsed my book, advertised on our other site (www.goodnewsdaily.net), and even sponsored a hole in our golf tournament in 2007.  

I believe wholeheartedly in what they are doing, and firmly believe that NO Christian educator should be a member of the NEA.  As believers, there are some agendas that we simply must avoid.  It’s bad enough that we as believers have no say in paying for abortion with our tax dollars; so my question is, why would you pay into an organization that funds moral issues you as a believer wouldn't back yourself?  That is what you do with your membership in the NEA.  

Now you, as an educator, can join CEAI and help support Kids for Christ USA at the same time.  If you join CEAI through our site, a significant portion of your annual membership goes to KFCUSA.  Below, you'll find some information about Christian Educators Association International and a link to their site.  Please read it, and if you wish to join and help fund KFCUSA in the process, come back out to our site to enroll.  (Please note: we only get paid if you register here.)

I believe in this organization--Bob Heath, Founder KFCUSA

Christian Educator Association International Information:

CEAI is the only professional association for Christians who are called to serve in public schools. Our members have served the youth of America since 1953 through classroom teachers, administrators, and para-professionals in education.

CEAI is a non-profit religious association with a Membership Service Center in Westlake, Ohio. Our support is through memberships, tax-deductible donations and grants. CEAI membership consists of teachers, administrators, para-professionals including any person hired by a school district. In addition, we offer associate membership to parents, pastors, school board members, youth leaders and others concerned or interested in the education of our children.
Our vision and mission...
UNION ALERT--2009 NEA Report

We continue to hear from many educators, support staff, parents, and other friends of education who are frustrated with the policies and positions of the National Education Association. Many are looking to us as an alternative to this union.

CEAI is a professional association that offers liability and legal protection that many look to unions for. We are not a union and therefore do not negotiate contracts; however, we do all we can to support our members, most of whom serve in our public schools. Full memberships include $1,000,000 Professional Liability Insurance with Job Action Protection and are available at up to 50% to 70% off your teachers union dues.

Many parents, grandparents, and other friends of education join us as Associate Members to keep informed of what is happening in our schools from a Christian perspective.

Finn Laursen
CEAI Executive Director

Visit CEAI's site then come back here to join.