God's Love In The Shape of a Donut

That day in November was elegantly simple and beautifully eye-opening. Using money saved up from tips on his summer job, high school senior J.J. Johnson and the student leaders of FUSE at his public high school got up early and went to pick up the 2000 donuts they had ordered a few days before. "We divided the load in two, sent one half to the Intermediate High School and delivered the second to our High School," said J.J. 

The school was so hospitable to the project and they had no trouble setting them up in the "Commons" area. The volunteers, both Christian and not Christian, were requested by word-of-mouth and through Facebook and as they began to arrive, smiling and excited, we got started. Students coming in through the only main entrance to the school were greeted by a team of friends and a tasty fried treat. Faculty and staff made their way out to see (and taste) what was going on. As class was getting ready to begin, the donuts were just running out. God has perfect timing. A cleaning crew of students was organized as J.J. and friends attempted to leave the grounds as clean as if it never even happened. 

The implications of that morning go far beyond a student Christian club. "To me," J.J. said, "it is a glimpse into something that God has in store for Christians in the United States.” When Jesus said that we would do His works and greater works also, I am convinced He was prophesying of the use and impact of Facebook and Twitter. He (Jesus) preached to 5000; by God’s power, Tim Tebow reaches tens of millions by simply writing John 3:16 on his eye black. The world’s economy is a greedy one, storing up money and resources in places where they are doing nothing but rotting.  But when we, with hearts after Christ and His purposes, get creative and let go of every attachment to the “way things are done”, entire public high schools can be treated to a free breakfast and an opportunity to share God’s love to individuals. Let’s do it!".


Hungry Students Prayer Walk Their Schools

On Friday August 12, 2011 a group of 6 student leader from Jr high to Seniors meet at 5 a.m. to prayer walk the schools of their district. "The commitment level of this group is absolutely astounding", says  Bob Heath "I was with them as they prayed school by school for their peers, the teachers, their principals and the nation.  They just want to see a move of God's love in their schools".  

At first blush "Prayer Walking" may sound a bit odd to you. What is the significance of walking around a building and praying? Perhaps is patterned after marching around Jericho...NA! "It is simply a point of contact for me, If I can see the building then all kinds of prayer needs flood into my heart" says Heath. "It seems as though things come to mind that simply wouldn't have without being there".

On this particular day these students and Bob Heath walked 4 fours schools and stood in the parking lot of 1 elementary school praying for the other 13 in that district.  On August 20th another KFCUSA affiliated prayer walked six more schools.

We reccomend that you go Prayer Walk as many of the public schools in your area as possible.  As this new school year kicks off its importatnt that we cover our schools in prayer. Please be conscience to do this early in the morning or after school hours. (Weekends are perfect because you have all day.)