How Are You Doing That?

I’ve been asked many questions since Kids for Christ USA, Inc. was formed. Without a doubt, the one I’ve been asked the most is: “How are you doing that?”

This most practical of all questions is usually followed closely with, “What about separation of church and state?” And we can’t forget my personal favorite of all questions: “Wasn’t the Bible banned from the public schools?”If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked these questions, I could fund a ministry at least twice the size of this one!

My personal journey began January of 2001. Since then, I have taught, learned, experienced, rejoiced and sacrificed much in order to bring this ministry to the children and families of this great nation. My team and I have worked hard to build a ministry that will annihilate the myth that “God isn't welcome in America's public schools.” 

I have said many times, “If there is one child in a school that has given his or her life to Jesus, then Jesus is in that school.” More than once Jesus said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”  You may have noticed that He didn't say: “I will never leave you or forsake you unless you go into a public school in America.  That's it, that’s where I draw the line.”  It makes the whole “Godless school system” concept seems a bit ridiculous when you hear it like that, doesn’t it?

What is really amazing is that in my research I have uncovered evidence that proves that much of our belief regarding the Bible and prayer in the public school system is based on hearsay and media spin. Are you shocked? Let me explain the common foundation. For over forty years, we have talked about, preached about and complained about the Bible and prayer being removed from America’s Public schools. BUT THAT DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN! (I will explain what I mean in a later chapter).

My book "Reaching a New Generation of Kids for Christ is meant to equip you with all of the tools and information you’ll need to go out and launch a Before or After School Bible Club in any school in America. My goal is to inspire you and eliminate the intimidation you might feel when preparing to launch an endeavor.

One of the goals of this ministry is to have a hand in planting or facilitating a thriving Kids for Christ USA-style Bible Club meeting every week in every school in America. Should you buy my book, read it you feel inspired and illuminated after reading it, then I have done my job.--Bob Heath


This is the second excerpt from Bob Heath's book "Reaching a New Generation of Kids for Christ" available in paperback or all three major digital formats. (Kindle, Nook and iBook) If you feel God leading or you just want to you can make a donation to KFCUSA we consider it an honor to have you in our corner. 



This Actually Happens In Homes Just Like Your's

           The following is an excerpt from Bob Heath's book Reaching A New Generation of Kids for Christ:

“Mom! Dad! Wake up!” These words boom out of your child’s mouth as he races into your bedroom.

“Please get up!” Your son gently nudges your side and pushes into your arm.  “You’ve got to get me to school early today!”

Your eyelids slowly open and your eyes start to focus. You’re shocked with what you see first. Your son is already dressed for school and is even holding your car keys!

“It’s Kids for Christ day,” he says emphatically. “And I don’t want to miss it!”

Does such a scene sound impossible? I’ve lived the normal reality with sleepy-headed children who refuse to get dressed for school. I’ve fought the endless morning battles just to get a child out of bed and ready for the day. I know how ridiculous this may sound to you, yet I also know after talking to hundreds of parents that a scene just like this one happens all across America as kids prepare to attend their weekly Bible Club meeting.

I’ve also heard a related scenario: kids begging parents to let them stay at school late in order to attend a weekly after-school Bible Club program.

Perhaps you too will hear stories just like this as you begin your own Bible Club. But before you print up your flyers and set up your weekly schedule, it’s probably wise to start with a solid foundation that will prepare you for what you’re going to encounter. This book was written in order to help equip you with the knowledge, skills and insight needed to run an effective Bible Club in an American Public School.

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