Denial: A Brief Observation

Jesus answered, "Die for me? I tell you the truth, Peter--before the rooster crows tomorrow morning, you will deny three times that you even know me.—John 13:38 NLT
by Robert (Bob) Heath 

 As of late I have been listening to the New Testament while I work. Listening while working isn’t really like reading. If I was reading the word and something caught my attention I could pause and dig in easily, but listing while working is different. I listen to massive quantities of scripture and absorb contextually, but not usually deductively. 

So when I noticed that the story of Peter’s denial was in all four gospels, I had to ask, “God is there something you are trying to show me/us?” Several days after I asked that question I was preparing to minister to a group of elementary age children and God gave me a “download” so to speak. 

I feel like God was showing me/us that Peter’s denial is a picture of our’s. Not a direct denial of Christ, but a spiritual one.  It seems that sin is denying Christ. When we willfully choose to deny him by doing whatever we wish. We say I would never deny Christ, even if it means dying for Him. When we deny the truth and power of His word in our lives is it possible that when we allow ourselves to get bowled over by this situation or that, which goes against the victory we know we have in Christ we are denying Christ? 

It’s time to embrace the fact that “His grace is sufficient” to overcome any situation. Time to deny the denial. --Bob Heath





Sixth Annual Tulsa Night of Worship

This was the sixth year that Students from Union High School Fuse have led students from schools and youth groups all over Tulsa in a night of worshipping and seeking God together. 

This absolutely beautiful event took place at 7:20 pm on Easter eve at the Camp Loughridge ampitheatre.  

There is nothing like seeing students go after God for the sake of going after God and not to just to be seen by men. The event ended about 9:40! That's right I said 9:40 p.m., tell me teenagers can't wait on God and I'll call you a liar. Their hunger for God was amazing.

While we were setting up I notice a young man sitting on the hill in back. I approached him and asked where he was from (meaning what school are you from) and he answered Mexico and hugged me. He sat and watched while the team and I took communion. He sat while we ate pizza. (Of course I offered him some, but he declined.) About 15 minutes before we started I noticed that he was gone only to return with two of his friends. They stood in back on the hill and worshipped with us most of the night. I don't know their story or if God did something in them that night, but I was blessed that our new friend brought his friends and joined us. 

After I posted this story originally I shared it with the student team and one of the girls sent this message to me:  "Jerry the Mexican guy who showed up last night wrote me this note that touched me deeply. Before he left he came over to me and told me to never give up and that God is always with me and not to forget that'. I told him thank you for the note and he pointed up and said, 'it was from God'and I believe it was. I have no idea Where he came from, but I do know he was supposed to be there last night and so were the friends he brought". Earlier today (Easter Sunday) I joked to my wife and son calling them "our Mexican angels". Now I wonder, is it possible "we entertained angels unaware"? I refuse to say. ---Bob Heath